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My name is Melissa Emerson and I am the founder of Emerson Language Academy. I can’t wait to expose you or your student to a whole new world of language! 

I moved to Ecuador when I was 10 years old without previously knowing a word of Spanish. Over many years of studying Spanish, I experienced first-hand what it is to acquire a second language and become fluent in the language. I have now made it my goal to help others learn and grow in their language journey and strive to bring the language to life along the way. 


I am a former High School Spanish teacher and World Language Department Chair with teaching experience ranging from Spanish 1 through Spanish Advanced Placement (AP) Level 5. I have a Bachelor’s in Spanish Education K-12 and a Master’s in 2nd Language Acquisition (from KSU). I also have worked with children and adults of all ages and at all levels of language learning. 

I started Emerson Language Academy because of my love and passion for Spanish AND because I wanted to pass on this love to my own four children.  They have been involved in my classes since the beginning, learning right beside my other students. It fills me with joy to see them learn Spanish and I can't wait for you to experience that same excitement! 

Let's get started!


If you would like to learn Spanish, we would love to help!


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