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My name is Melissa Emerson and I am the owner of Emerson Language Academy. I can’t wait to expose your student to a whole new world of language! 

I moved to Ecuador when I was 10 years old without previously knowing a word of Spanish. Over many years of studying Spanish, I experienced first-hand what it is to acquire a second language and become fluent in the language. I have now made it my goal to help others learn and grow in their language journey and strive to bring the language to life along the way. 


I am a former High School Spanish teacher and World Language Department Chair with teaching experience ranging from Spanish 1 through Spanish Advanced Placement (AP) Level 5. I have a Bachelor’s in Spanish Education K-12 and a Master’s in 2nd Language Acquisition. I also have worked with children and adults of all ages and at all levels of language learning. 


If you would like to learn Spanish, we would love to help!


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