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Classes Emerson Language Academy Offers


Intro to Spanish

For Elementary Students

During this 7-week class, students will begin their Spanish journey from the very beginning by learning how to introduce themselves, greet and say goodbye to others, numbers, alphabet, colors and proper pronunciation. 

For Elementary Students

In this 7-week class, students will continue their language journey by learning how to describe themselves & others and share their likes & dislikes.

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Private Tutoring

For All Ages and Levels

In these one-on-one tutoring sessions, we will explore current areas of struggle and provide tools and resources to help you succeed. 

For Elementary Students

In this 7-week class, students will learn how to talk about family and their everyday life!

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Spanish for Travelers

For Adults

In this 3-week class, learn the basics you will need to travel in a Spanish-speaking country. 

Want to hear when a new class opens?

Let us know how to contact you so that when we open up a new class that meets your needs, we'll let you know!! 

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